Rental & Asset Management

Rental & Asset Management

RIA is one of Singapore’s leading Property Management Companies. We have been in business successfully since 1989. Over the years, we have developed a solid reputation for offering quality service at an affordable price.

  1. For owners residing overseas, trustees, corporations and high net worth individuals.
  2. Landlord and tenant relationship.
  3. Rental collection and arrest management.
  4. Settlement of landlord financial obligations.
  5. Maintenance management.
  6. Sale and leasing.

Please feel free to contact Ms Candy Chan @ 6715 8599 or

Buying Singapore Property?

We can assist in
  1. Free handover service.
  2. Free defects insepection.
  3. High quality tenants.
  4. Guaranteed on time rental payments.
  • Make it easy for you to advance in the Singapore Property Market.
  • Expert advice on when to sell and how we can do everything for you.


  1. 免费代理签收屋业
  2. 免费提供专业检验服务
  3. 高素质租户
  4. 保证准时收到租金
  • 让你洞悉新加坡的屋业市场
  • 让行业专家提供可靠的资讯,建议你何时买卖屋业
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